Team Retreats

High performance teams take “time-outs”

To align and renew their commitments to the team’s vision and to one another.

To do this effectively, annual team off-sites in the form of strategic business planning retreats are an indispensable way to adhere your team to it’s mission, re-calibrate your shared vision, as well as to provide a peaceful space for reflection, creativity and innovation.

We find it is a common “best practice” for teams to celebrate their successes, reflect on their opportunities and seek to re-invent themselves for the journey ahead.

Team Performance Group LLC

The Purpose of Team Retreats

The purpose of a Team Retreat should be unique and focused. Too often they are nothing more than an expensive and extended version of the unproductive weekly staff meeting. The focus should be all about stepping back from the business to get a fresh perspective, which is why it is best done away from the office.

Activities that should be addressed during these meetings include reviewing the organization’s strategic anchors and thematic goals, assessing the performance of key employees, discussing industry changes and competitive threats (S.W.O.T.), and of course reviewing the behaviors of the team members in regard to cohesiveness. In essence, the off-site review is where the leadership team needs to step back and revisit the four core disciplines: team, clarity, communication, and human systems.”  - Patrick Lencioni

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