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Team Harmony

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…How Will You Manage Your Team’s Lifecycles?

Why Team Development? Simply stated, “High Performance Teams Out-perform other Business Models hands down!”

Replacing ROI with Return on Collaboration (ROC)?

ROI has long frustrated collaboration because of the difficulty in quantifying “soft” benefits.

Traditional ROI measures money gained or lost on an investment. In contrast, ROC tracks the amount of “improvement” derived from a financial investment in collaboration.

In the ‘Meetings around the World1 study, Frost & Sullivan found that collaboration is a key driver of business performance.

“Based on analyses of our survey, we found that collaboration positively impacts an organization's business performance.”

“Overall, 36 percent of a company's performance was due to its Collaboration Index. This is more than twice the impact of a company's strategic orientation (16 percent) and more than five times the impact of market and technological turbulence influences (7 percent). This is a key finding because it empirically demonstrates that increased high-quality collaboration can improve business performance.1

Why Team Development? The answer is plain to see . . . Has your team found it’s “perfect pitch” and level of team harmony and collaboration that results in consistent out-performance? If not, what’s getting in the way?

Source: Frost & Sullivan 2009