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Bill Stepanek

Managing Partner /
Senior Performance Coach
“Teamwork is the one simple word that drives the planet. From running countries, to building massive structures or exploring the heavens. For without teamwork, people are limited in their own energy and vision of the future . . . we build teams that go the distance.”
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Matt Turnbull

TPG Strategic Partner / Performance Coach
"Greatness in our world begins with a vision; it isn’t held or controlled by one, it is shared and owned by all. When a team collaborates and shares in their vision, greatness is their legacy. It is what others marvel at and remark about. Collaboration must be practiced and never taken for granted; it is fragile and risks crumbling if ignored. Willingness to share, communicate and collaborate will drive teams into a new realm, to get them to “go the distance.”
Kelly Pic

Kelly Oldfield

TPG Consultant - Team Efficiency, Administration, Client Service Systems and Support
"If willing to work hard, we all have the ability within us to master many skills. If you coCollaborate with other people also willing to work hard, and each focus on the areas you excel, value and support each other, the group becomes one successful unit able to achieve incredible goals."
Mark Kenyon 2018

Mark Kenyon

TPG Strategic Partner /
Performance Coach
“Think of your teams the way sports managers do: No one person possesses everything required to produce success, yet everyone must excel.”
Francis McGrail

Francis McGrail

TPG Strategic Partner / Performance Coach
The great thing about the wealth management industry is the unique nature of the relationship between the advisor and client. It is the main driver of the business and it’s most interesting dynamic. The opportunity for growth and change for today’s advisor has never been greater. My role as a coach and strategy consultant is to make a difference in the outcome for my advisor clients and their teams through thoughtful guidance, structural processes and accountability. I think there are few professionals who are more interesting as people than advisors and that makes my job really enjoyable. I find that I gain as much wisdom from my clients as I ultimately provide. That creates my ability to effectively share best practices from the top advisors in the industry.
Sarah Dale 2018

Sarah Dale

TPG Strategic Partner /
Performance Coach
"Whether seeking growth or planning for transition, it is essential to have both your head and your house in order! In today’s industry, we must open our minds to embracing change and seeking innovative new ways of execution! We must see beyond the obvious, hear beyond the noise and think beyond traditional normalcy. We must remember that success begins with people not numbers and delivering the Ultimate Client Experience begins with delivering the Ultimate Team Experience."